Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Camping Outing

A big thanks to all of you who went on the family camping outing with Northeast. It was a wonderful time spent with our family in Christ. I will look forward to another. I even had one family who asked if we could do another one this year! That is especially gratifying to hear after the extended period of rain. I always worry that the rain might spoil the experience for others. Camping is a great family activity. I know I remember the camping trips my family took as very special times for my family growing up. I hope that will be the experience of those who go on these trips as well. Also if you went on the family campout, you might send any pictures you took to Rich and Dina Clyde for posting on Northeast's website. Keep in touch with your interest in another camping trip this year. It may happen yet!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Time in Arkansas

What a wonderful week in Arkansas! Thank you to Bill and Judith, Terry and Beverly and their families for showing me such a good time especially during a real busy time of the year. A special thanks to Mom and Dad for letting me again call their home mine for the week. Mom was such a servant with her cooking and cleaning and laundry mixed with lots of hugs and kisses and conversation. Could one ask for a better Mom? Dad always continues to mentor, teach, and work tirelessly. What a great example for a father. JDAME (acronym for Jenna, Daniel, Alec, Mallory and Ethan) were great for hugs and talks and play. Thank you all.
Lifetime memories from the week include:
  • "You're strong...real strong...I seen ya"
  • Driving the John Deere (lots of Tim the Tool Man barking!)
  • Building on Dad's barn with Dad, Bill and Terry.
  • Fishing on the Spring River
  • Tics and lots of them
  • Daniel's "daring" on the deck of the river cabin
  • Anatevka (Yeah, its stuck in my head too)
  • Morning coffee on the back porch with Mom and Dad
  • Lots of hugs and kisses and fun with all!

I love my family and thank God every day for the awesome blessing you all are to me.

I also need to give a special thanks to Lenore, Sam, Anna and Lizzy for getting by without me for the week. You four are all wonderful. I love you big time!