Friday, April 24, 2009

A Foundation for Strong Christian Families

I Corinthians 3:11
“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Any builder knows that the key to building a dependable structure is a solid foundation. Months of planning go into effect for just that part of the building. Earth moving, soil sampling and precise digging take place well before the first cement truck arrives. As the foundation goes, so goes the building.
I submit to you that a solid foundation is the key to a great Christian family as well. Here are three components of a solid foundation for every family.

Component #1 – A Firm Grounding in Faith – Any Christian family must be solidly committed to their faith in Jesus Christ. Parents must have a faith that shows itself in obvious fruits of the Spirit. Parents should strive to be together in their faith and discuss and work out areas where they may see things differently. Unity in the home around issues of faith is crucial.

Component #2 – A Strong Parental Marriage – The strength of the parents’ marriage is a reliable indicator for the adaptability of a child for adulthood. Kids who come from homes with strong marriages are well positioned to navigate their way in the world. Children from homes with good marriages are also far more likely to adhere to parents’ values and faith.

Component #3 – A Collaborative Parenting Style – Parents who agree on basic values and who work together to set rules and boundaries give their children a predictable world and an environment where they can feel loved, accepted and valued despite the conflicting messages they receive from the world.

To some these components come easily. Usually those to whom they come easily are those who come from families that exhibited those characteristics. Conversely, those who struggle with one or all of them probably came from a home where one or more of these characteristics are not present. None of us had all of these perfectly and to whatever degree we were blessed with them, we owe it to our children to put forth the effort to improve. There are many opportunities here at Northeast and beyond for even healthy families to improve. Bible classes, marriage and parenting seminars, marriage mentoring and counseling opportunities are just some of the tools before us to give the gift of a strong faith family to our children and then ask them to pass the gift down to the generations after them.
Upon which component can you improve? Look today for opportunities to make that happen. Your families will thank you for building a strong family of faith.