Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Note to Self: Don't Mess with a Chimp

I have been following the news story about the chimpanzee that attacked a woman and nearly killed her the other day. They had an animal expert on GMA this morning who said that he would rather tangle with a lion or gator than he would a chimp. I just never thought of them that way. This thing evidently disfigured this woman's face to the point that she will never look the same again. He also mangled her hands so bad that one or both may need to be amputated. I would have never thought a monkey could do such damage. I will certainly be more respectful of monkeys in the future.

I wonder how the evolutionists would explain this? Is that monkey evolving? Into what? Perhaps our violent tendencies come from those ancestors? Or maybe God made them to act like wild animals. Some might say, " Well, humans act like that too." Fair enough but the animal expert today said this behavior is normal for a chimp. Hmmm?